Dark Lords of Chaos

Demos by ADO

ADO Demo BY Shadow?
A single-pager, may have been made with an intro-maker. Pre-YWN Shadow?

Demos by AI

Ole Ollie By Ice Man
In true lame-ass Ice Man fashion, instead of writing his own response to ICEHOLE I, he simply used his Final Cartridge to edit the text of ICEHOLE I and re-released it. This would have been considered normal lameness, but for the fact that he then claimed to have written it. That elevated him to ADVANCED lameness.
Ole Ollie 2, a Final Cartridge edited version of Metal Demo by Mat and Ash

Demos by Macgyver/Merlyn/Knitemare

Blind By Macgyver
Pac-man eats eyes.
Spock Demo, a rag demo directed at a local sysop